Privacy Policy

This page is created to introduce you to the main principles of the privacy policy of our site. Here we shortly explain how we deal with any information that may refer to our users. If you have any additional questions or complaints, you can contact our client support team for more data.


We never act like a data collector. We do not ask you to provide any data or contacts for using our services. All our pages are free and accessible without subscription or registration. Our site has no systems, fields, or programs for collecting any data from our visitors.

We encourage your data security. Yet we are not responsible for your data use on other sites including those that are advertised on our site. Please, be aware that our privacy policy is not applied when you close or leave our site.


Cookies are small textual files that are automatically delivered to your internet device. Cookies never identify you and do not support any personal information exchange. Yet, you can instruct your browser not to accept cookies. In this case, some pages or services of our site may be not available for you.

Using our site, you automatically agree with all the privacy principles of our site.